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Oregon State University

EHS Staff

Environmental Health & Safety
100 Oak Creek Building
3015 SW Western Blvd
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-7405
Phone: (541) 737-2273
Fax: (541) 737-9090
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For emergency safety concerns, call Public Safety at 541-737-7000.

For routine service requests or questions durng business hours, call the Work Coordination Center 737-2969 and ask for the EH&S ON-CALL person. 

Environmental Health & Safety Personnel

Dan Kermoyan, Director of EH&S: Environmental Protection, Agricultural safety 541-737-2505

Daniel Harlan; Radiation Safety Officer, Laser Safety Officer: RAM Shipping & Receiving, Xray Machine Inspection, Program Audits; 541-737-7082

David Horn; Radiation Protection Technologist: Radioactive Waste Program, Instrument Calibration, Lab Assessments & Surveys; 541-737-4060

Lance Jones; EH&S Professional: Chemical Safety Officer, Indoor Air & Water Quality, Occupational Health; 541-737-2274

Terese Keller; Radiation Safety Program Administrator: Dosimetry; 541-737-7688

Andy Kenst; EH&S Professional: Environmental Protection Program; 541-737-4050

Kent Lanning; EH&S Professional: Hazardous Materials Disposal & Shipping Services; 541-737-8359

Brian Lilley; EH&S Professional: Fire and Life Safety; 541-737-1287

Kay Miller; Safety Training Coordinator: 541-737-7083

Jim Patton (works for City of Corvallis): Fire Safety Consultant

Jenette Paul; EH&S Professional

Matt Philpott; Biological Safety Officer: 541-737-4557

Pete Schoonover; EH&S Professional: Hazardous Materials Disposal Services, DEA Materials, Biological Safety; 541-737-3127

Mike Sreniawski; Occupational Safety Officer: Ergonomics; 541-737-1288

Tyler Strampel; EH&S Professional


List of OSU Safety Committees