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Oregon State University

Laser Safety

Laser Registration

This form is used to collect information on laser systems used by OSU faculty, staff and students. The results of the survey will be used to compile an inventory and to help improve the laser safety program. Registration is required for Class 3B and 4 lasers.

Laser Registration


OSU self-audit program for lasers

OSU laser system data sheet

Laser specific training documentation form

Standard Operating Procedure template


Laser Safety Training (web)
This online class is required for Class 3B and 4 laser users and recommended for all laser users. To be authorized to work with Class 3B or 4 lasers you must complete this online tutorial and exam, and receive specific training on the systems you will use. 

Laser Safety Instructions

Laser Safety
Laser Safety - Training and Operating Procedures
Laser Safety - Signage
Laser Safety - Personal Protective Equipment

Federal and State Information

Laser Institute of America
OSHA Technical Manual, Section III Chapter 6