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Oregon State University

University Health and Safety Committee


The University Health & Safety Committee was formed by the Campus Administration to ensure the health and safety of all university employees.  The Committee meets monthly to review campus polcies and make recommendations to the Administration.


Michael Mayers, Chair, Memorial Union, 541-737-4105 email

 Dan Kermoyan, Environmental Health & Safety, 541-737-2505 email

Heidi Lively Melton, Human Resources, 541-737-2916 email

Denson Chatfield, Director of Public Safety, email

Jennifer Stewart - Dixon Recreation Center, 541-737-5411 email

Michael Sreniawski, Environmental Health and Safety, 541-737-1288 email

Joseph Evans, University Housing & Dining, 541-737-7797 email

Patrick Hughes, Enterprise Risk Services, 541-737-7340 email

Karin Hardin, Nutrition & Exercise Science, 541-737-0966 email

Kay Miller, Environmental Health & Safety, 541-737-7083 email

Ariel Leshchinsky, Student Health Services, 541-737-4519 email

Ricardo Letelier, Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences, 541-737-3890 email

Carrie Burkholder, College of Agricultural Sciences, 541-737-5818 email

Michael Bamberger, Emergency Preparedness, 541-737-4713 email

Stephany Chacon, Coalition of Graduate Employees, email

Jim Kiser, College of Forestry, email

Bill Coslow, Facilities Services Landscape, email

Ryan Mitchell, HSBC/Veterinary Medicine, email

Anthony Veltri, Public Health and Human Sciences, email

Jennifer McKay, Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, email

Christina McKnight, Enterprise Risk Services, email