Oregon State University recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for our students, staff and faculty members.  It is critical that everyone has an awareness of appropriate measures to be taken and procedures to follow to insure the safety of all.  These guidelines and procedures are provided to assist the campus community in recognizing emergent situations and taking proper actions to reduce exposure to risk and harm.  Each of us recognizes that there are no detailed instructions on how to deal with an emergency situation, however, we can learn from the recommendations and decide on the best course of action as the situation develops.  These guidelines will serve as general reminders for students, faculty and staff when called upon to take immediate and deliberate action when an emergency strikes a building, an area of campus or the entire Oregon State University community.  We are reminded that each of us as  members of the campus community as a collective whole need to be familiar with policies, procedures and systems in place that will guide us in reponding to emergencies in a safe and proper manner.

Active Shooter: An active shooter is a person or persons who appear to be actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in populated areas on campus.  Active shooter situations are dynamic and evolve rapidly, demanding immediate response by the community and immediate deployment of law enforcement resources to stop the shooting and prevent harm to the community.  Be aware that the emergency phone lines become overwhelmed in this type of incident. Terrorism: It is difficult to know with certainty in what form a terrorist event will take place. It could be an obvious event involving an explosion and release of hazardous materials, or it could involve a covert method, such as mailing letters or packages containing hazardous materials.


Fire or Explosion: Call 911 or the Dept.of Public Safety/Oregon State Police emergency line (541) 737-7000, if you are not able to make the call yourself, have someone call for you. If someone else calls, have the person report back to you to verify they have called 911.


Bomb Threat: The Bomb Threat Checklist is a yellow card, prepared by the Oregon State police,  that you can hold up to alert your coworkers that you have received a bomb threat. It contains the same questions listed below and can be kept by or under your phone so you're immediately ready in case of an emergency. Order the forms by Public Safety (541) 737-3010.
Campus Evacuation or Closure: If it is determined that a campus evacuation/closure is necessary, all units will be notified by the emergency personnel or senior administration about the nature of the evacuation/closure, where to evacuate to (usually to home), and when it is safe to return to the campus.

Building Evacuation: Evacuation is required any time a condition exists which would require evacuation, when the fire alarm sounds, when an evacuation announcement is made, or a University official orders you to evacuate.

Hazardous Materials: A release of hazardous materials could involve chemical, biological, or radioactive materials. The ability to respond to a hazardous materials release will depend on many factors, including the amount of material spilled or involved in an incident, the physical, biological and chemical characteristics of the material, the material's health and hazard characteristics, the location of the spill, the level of response training obtained, and the types of personal protective and spill response equipment available.

Suspicious Package: Although any threatened use of a biological or chemical agent must be treated as though it is real, experience has demonstrated that these are likely to be hoaxes. However, caution is advised when dealing with any suspicious package or letter.


Criminal Activity: Attempt to remove yourself from any danger. Call 911 or Dept. of Public Safety emergency Line (541) 737-7000 Call from a safe location, if possible. If you are outdoors on the OSU campus, remember that courtesy phones are available in lighted locations. Medical Emergency: Call 911 or the Dept.of Public Safety/Oregon State Police emergency line (541) 737-7000, if you are not able to make the call yourself,  have someone call for you. If someone else calls, have the person report back to you to verify they have called 911.
Power Outage: Report the outage to the Department of Public Safety Dispatch Center at (541) 737-3010.  

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: Department of Public Safety/Oregon State Police

  Address: 200 Cascade Hall - Campus
                   Corvallis, OR 97331-4204