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Sebastian Heiduschke

sebastian-heiduschkeSebastian Heiduschke
German Professor & Advisor
Office:  218 Kidder Hall
Phone: 737-3957


Ph.D. German Cultural Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Dissertation: “The Afterlife of DEFA in Post-Unification Germany: Characteristics, Traditions, and Cultural Legacy”
Dissertation directors: Kit Belgum and Hans-Bernhard Moeller
M.A. German Literature, University of Florida
Thesis director: Keith Bullivant
Akademische Zwischenprüfung German Literature, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany
Akademische Zwischenprüfung
American Literature, Otto-Friedrich-Universität, Bamberg, Germany



From Boring to Booming: Fan Cultures of East Germany’s DEFA Cinema. (In progress)

Journal Articles

Das ist die Mauer, die quer durchgeht. Dahinter liegt die Stadt and das Glück -- DEFA
Directors and their Criticism of the Berlin Wall. Colloquia Germanica, 40.1 (2007), 37-50.

"Schwarzes Gold Aus Babelsberg -- Marketing East Germany's DEFA Cinema and Its New Films Die Schönste (2002) Fräulein Schmetterling (2005), Hände hoch, oder ich schieße! (2010) and Die Taube auf dem Dach (2010). Forthcoming in German Studies Review, 2012.

Essays in Edited Volumes

"Communists and Cosmonauts in Mystery Science Theater 3000: De-Camping First Spaceship on Venus/Silent Star." In the Peanut Gallery with Mystery Theater 3000:Essays on Film, Fandom, Technology and the Culture of Riffing. Eds. Robert Weiner and Shelley Barbra. Jefferson: McFarland, 2011. 40-5.

"21 October 2001: Record Ticket Sales Make Der Schuh des Manitu Most successful Film in German History." A New History of German Cinema. Jennifer Kapczynski and Michael Richardson, Eds.  Forthcoming. Rochester: Camden House, 2012.

"Emerging from the Niche: DEFA Afterline in Unified Germany." DEFA: East German Cinema, 1946-1992. Second expanded edition. Seán Allan and John Sandford, eds. Forthcoming. New York: Berghahn, 2012.

Other Publications

"Love Behind Double Walls. Helmut Dziuba's Jana and Jan about Youth Love in an East German Workshop for Juvenile Delinquents." Amherst, DEFA Film Library, 2009.

"The Dove on the Roof. Introductory Essay." Amherst, DEFA Film Library, 2011 

Primary Courses Taught:

German 261 Masterpieces of German Cinema
German 319 and 4th year German
German 355 Translation: Film Subtitling
German 361 Critical Issues of German Cinema
German 362 The Divided Screen
German 363 The Contemporary German Cinema

Queer German Cinema
Austrian Cinema
International Film Festival
German Western
Berlin in Film