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Julie Green

Fine Arts Associate Professor Julie Green

Julie Green
Associate Professor, Fine Arts

541-737-5012 / Fairbanks 207 /

Julie Green holds a B.F.A. from The University of Kansas and an M.F.A. in Painting, with honors, also from The University of Kansas. She also worked as an assistant to Master Printer Michael Sims, Lawrence Lithography Workshop, Kansas.

Research interests
My studio time is divided between personal narrative egg tempera paintings and a nine-year, on-going project called The Last Supper. The narrations are painted without models or photographic references because of a fascination with memory; specifically, that which we choose to remember and that which we choose to forget.   The Last Supper, mineral paint fired on porcelain plates, illustrates over 350 final meal requests of U.S. death-row inmates.  While the plates are quite different than the paintings, both are observations of contemporary society. I am driven to the studio to make some sense of our world: painting as questioning and meditation.  Andy Warhol said the artist of the future will simply point.  I paint to point.

I believe that the teacher is also the student. I teach painting, drawing, and a professional practices course titled Contemporary Issues in Art.  Each course attempts to prepare students to graduate from OSU with practical survival skills in the arts.  Studio courses focus on concepts, archival materials and techniques, contemporary and historical research. 


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Fine Arts Associate Professor Julie GreenFine Arts Associate Professor Julie GreenFine Arts Associate Professor Julie GreenFine Arts Associate Professor Julie Green

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