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What Can I Do with this Degree?

Below you will find several links for helping you explore typical paths associated with various degrees.  It's not a comprehensive list, so you may want to explore information and websites from multiple degrees to help you learn about a wide range of career opportunities.

What Can I do With a Major In... (UNCW)
What Can I do With a Major In... (NCSU)
What Can I do With a Major In... (U.Delaware)
What Can I do With a Major In... (Cal Berkeley)

For each degree that interests you, click on the title to find an overview of the degree (major) and information about related careers and skills. You will also find links to job and internship search postings, career planning info, professional associations in that degree, and links to OSU departments with majors in that area.

NOTE: These do not represent every single OSU major, so be sure to use the links above as well, or choose something related (e.g. "biology" instead of "general science").

NOTE:The Career Services website contains links to websites not under the control of Oregon State University Career Services and we are not responsible for their contents. We'd like to hear your comments about these sites; feel free to contact us.

On the recommendation of our counseling staff, Career Services lists job and career information sites that generally meet the following criteria: are of interest to OSU students, easily navigated, and require no fee or registration prior to viewing. New sites may be submitted for consideration and are typically reviewed on an annual basis. Please indicate the page on our site where you think your link would be appropriate.

College of Agricultural Sciences

  • Agricultural Business Management
  • Bioresource Research
  • Environmental Economics & Policy
  • Rangeland Ecology & Management

College of Business

  • Business Information Systems
  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Business (OSU-Cascades)

College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

College of Education

College of Engineering

College of Forestry

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

College of Liberal Arts

College of Pharmacy

 Pharmacy - Doctor of Pharmacy

College of Science

College of Veterinary Medicine

Degrees NOT Offered at OSU

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