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Awarded - Baccalaureate Core Assessment Grant - Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD)

Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation (APAA) is pleased to announce that the project “Using Queer Studies to Assess Student Understanding of Difference (PI, Nancy Barbour) was awarded a $5000 grant to gather student learning data for Baccalaureate Core assessment.

This project’s overall aim is to align student learning outcomes defined in the Difference, Power, and Discrimination category of OSU’s Baccalaureate Core with assessment rubrics developed for QS 262: Introduction to Queer Studies. We propose to gather data and to develop new rubrics that can be used to measure student success in meeting DPD learning outcomes. We project that these rubrics will be applicable to most or all other DPD courses in the new Queer Studies minor as well as in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.


Baccalaureate Core Assessment Grants Request for Proposals - A new funding announcement will be released in March 2014 for Western Culture, Cultural Diversity, and WIC: Writing, Literature, and Film; Psychology; and School of Arts and Communication.

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